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Personalizing Marketing Communication

People want to see and experience their wants and needs. If you want to stand out in the eyes of your audience, personalize your content to improve your conversion rates, customer relationships, and overall user experience. In a world that bombarded...

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Benefits of Running Facebook Ads

How often do you see a billboard? Unless it's along your daily commute, your answer is probably 'infrequently'. Now, ask yourself, when was the last time you were on a social network? For most of us, our answer likely ranges from minutes to hours...


What is Voice Search Optimization?

“Hey Google, play 80s hits.” Do you find yourself asking questions when no one is around? Because of voice search, asking questions aloud with no one else in the room isn’t as strange as it sounds. No matter what device you prefer, voice search...

Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Benefits SEO

Did you know that your social media activities can boost traffic towards your website? It’s important to be creating and posting content on your social accounts that allows new leads and audiences to find you via their favorite search engines....


How to Market Your Business During a Crisis

The emergence of COVID-19 has shaken the entire world to its core. Not only has there been a strong social impact, but an undeniable economic impact. Store fronts are closed, households are unemployed, people are quarantined in their homes and...

Social Media Marketing

Social Distancing and Social Media

In the past, news was spread through newspapers, television, and online articles. Today, many of us receive our news from our favorite social media sites while scrolling through posts from our friends and family. How are we affected by this...

Social Media Marketing

Personalizing Content for Your Audience

In 2019, personalized content marketing is extremely important because people want to see and experience what their wants and needs are. If you want your company to stand out, personalize your content because it will improve your conversion rates,...

Social Media Marketing

Why Instagram Stories Will Bring You More Business

You may think of Instagram as a social media account that teenagers and young adults use to post pictures about their lives and what they are doing. However, Instagram is so much more than that. Instagram has created a platform where businesses are...

Influencer Marketing

Turning Digital Listening Into New Business Opportunities

The New Way of Marketing Family conversations, hangouts, and our daily tasks have somehow made their way into connecting us to the virtual world. We have stopped having conversations in person in exchange for having conversations with our phones....

Lead Nurturing

How Lead Nurturing Will Help You AND Your Customers

Do you find that you’re bringing in a lot of leads, but failing to get them to convert? Do you wonder what went wrong and how you could have done something differently? It’s possible that lead nurturing is missing from your content marketing...

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