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10 Strategies to Quickly Boost Your Website Conversions

Your website conversions are the actions/metrics most likely to result in increased sales. Twice as likely to increase sales, to be exact. So, what are you waiting for? Begin by implementing these 10 strategies to ensure that your visitors are converting.

  1. Relevant PPC Ads: If your ads are written with more specific, long tail keywords you are more likely to attract those who are further into the buyer’s journey. For example, a person searching for a “mint bomber with flower print” is more likely to complete a purchase than someone looking for a “jacket.”
  2. A/B Test: Constantly perform tests to continuously improve the user experience. Test everything from headlines to CTAs to see what works best.
  3. Headlines that Resonate: When visitors glance at your page, one of the first things that they notice is the headlines. Your headlines should be enticing, attention-grabbing, and presenting the value proposition. 
  4. Design Around the “F” Pattern: According to research conducted using heat-maps, visitors view the page in an F pattern (from up to down and from left to right). Try to place the most important information and call-to-action on the left side.
  5. Pick and Choose Your Verbiage: You want your visitors to be excited. Use language that appeals to emotion and tell a story to captivate and engage the visitors.
  6. Add Attractive Images: Images are easier to process and are more appealing than heavy text. Just like headlines, images are what catches the attention first, creating the first impression.
  7. Clear Value Proposition:Think about it like this—why should customers buy from you? What makes you stand out among your competition?website conversion
  8. Relevant Content: Give your visitors what was promised—in the title, in the advertisement, in the call to action.
  9. Include Features and Benefits: Make sure to show both—how great your product is and how it’s going to make the user’s life better.
  10. Grab Attention: The human attention span only lasts for 8 seconds. Yup, that’s all you’ve got! Try to grab the visitors’ attention with headlines, CTAs, images, and videos.

Experiment with different options and variations to determine what is optimal for attracting YOUR visitors.

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