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Personalizing Content for Your Audience

In 2019, personalized content marketing is extremely important because people want to see and experience what their wants and needs are. If you want your company to stand out, personalize your content because it will improve your conversion rates, customer relationships, and so much more. You cannot have a business without customers, so address their needs and market correctly to them.

What is Personalized Marketing?

Not knowing what personalized marketing is could be a struggle for your company and your consumers. Personalized marketing is creating customized content for your buyer personas to build a stronger relationship. For example, Netflix makes personalized suggestions of shows and movies based on what you have previously watched before.

Everyone knows how to personalize a text, a picture, a video, etc. to a friend or family member. It’s like buying them a birthday gift. You aren’t going to get a eighteen year old man a Play-Doh kit. But what about personalizing content marketing for a target audience? Sounds complicated right?

Personalized marketing is creating customized content for your buyer personas to help build a stronger relationship based on their needs and interests. Knowing data like purchase history, links clicked, and what your target audience needs will help you create customized content.

A good example of a company who has become proficient in personalizing content is Netflix.  What Netflix has done is created a home page based around your interests and what you have previously watched. Netflix suggests shows to you and allows you to provide feedback on how they did with their suggestions—and it’s as easy as clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Personalized marketing also ties into social ad campaigns. Ad campaigns are those pictures or short video advertisements that pop up all over your social media platforms. You may wonder how companies make appearances in your Instagram or Facebook feeds. SEO and cookies are the answer. As soon as you look up, for instance a mattress you want to buy, that mattress or company will be advertised on all your platforms. This happens because companies run retargeting ads to be placed for people who have shown interest in their services or products by visiting their site.

Your Customers Come First

Not knowing your customers’ needs and what they look for when searching for a company could be a huge drawback when deciding to become a client.

Personalizing content allows you to reach your target audience just by knowing exactly who your audience is. Companies who put their customers first will always out beat their competitors. BUT, without knowing who your customers are and what their needs are, you aren’t going to help your company get anywhere.

Personalizing content will allow you to reach your target audience and could be the difference between success and failure. You can gather data on your customers or potential clients by using:

  • Funnels from content audit

  • Research

  • Google Analytics

  • Conversations

Many companies that have a strong relationship with their customers make smart and successful personalized content decisions because they know exactly what type of content to create and how to make it attractive to the eye of their audience.

Benefits of Personalizing Content

Why is personalized marketing beneficial? That’s the question many small businesses and even large businesses still ask.

Personalized marketing is necessary and beneficial when it comes to reaching a more targeted audience. Regular mass marketing is designed for a broader audience and doesn’t make the impacts that personalized marketing does for a company and customers. The reasons why personalized marketing is a more successful form of marketing is because it allows a company to effectively target the buyers in any step of their buyers journey.

Companies that use personalized marketing typically have increases in their total sales and have happier customers. When customers see an advertisement or a piece of content that is appealing because it is customized towards them, they feel more connected with a company, which means more dollars spent. Also, personalized marketing boosts engagement and conversions because the audience you are targeting feels more welcomed and recognized by the company, which will intrigue them to respond to the content.

With personalized marketing, your customers will come first and will notice that you are aware of their wants and needs as a consumer. Need help with creating content during the buyer’s journey, check out our blog about creating that content.


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