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Transitioning to Growth-Driven Design on HubSpot CMS

Talk of website redesign tends to lead to mild sweating, sheer panic and numerous objections. But website design isn't what it once was... or at it least shouldn't be. Growth-driven design is a modern and more productive way to design and maintain a website.

How Websites Have Transformed Over Time

Most businesses start to panic when it comes to a website redesign because, historically, it has been a frustrating, long, and drawn-out process. Months of time are allocated to a big project only for it to become obsolete and outdated after a few years. Growth-driven design, on the other hand, shortens launch time and invests in the continuous improvement and evolution of a website.

Traditional Websitestraditional website design process

A brand's website has always been the foundation of their online presence. It was needed, therefore businesses paid their dues in time, money, and energy. But, the world of web design is shifting. Websites are no longer:

  • Expensive
  • Billboards
  • Assumptions
  • Projects
  • Business-Oriented
  • Set-and-Forget

This mindset was anything but progressive. Agencies look at this traditional process and estimate these projects took double the time, added more setbacks prior to launch, and halted most marketing strategies along the way. Businesses would invest a ton of time into long-term website redesigns without any validation or optimization along the way. Something needed to change!

Modern Websites

For a long time, businesses suffered through time-consuming and stressful redesigns. It was a flawed process. If businesses are expected to be agile in their day-to-day, why shouldn't their website evolution be just as adaptive? With growth-driven design, websites are:

  • Investments
  • Marketing Tools
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Strategic
  • Customer-Focused
  • Constantly evolving

Growth-driven design forces businesses to look at their website as a growth channel, not just a stagnant business card for their brand. With this mindset, websites are built and improved upon in intentional increments based on data and performance. The site no longer has to be perfected in its entirety before being forgotten about for the next few years. Instead, it is used as a tool to produce user feedback and improve consistently.Traditional web design vs growth driven design graph

Why to Move to a Growth-Driven Design?

63% of companies were investing in website upgrades in 2020 (HubSpot). Rather than draining resources and postponing launches, implementing growth-driven design allows teams to focus on real impact and continuous learning and enhancement.

Making the shift to growth-driven design is similar to adopting a "test-as-you-go" mentality. The benefits of shifting to this mindset include:

1. Quicker Launch Time

The initial launchpad of the website is meant to get a brand up and running quickly. The launchpad sets the foundation for the continuous refinement and growth of the site.

Growth Driven Design Launch Time vs Traditional Web Design Launch Time Graph

2. Continuous Improvements

Because the quick turnaround, businesses have more time to collect data and adjust and grow the site accordingly. This data improves the user experience for visitors and, ultimately, generates more business impact.

Growth Driven Design's affect on Visitors, leads, and revenue over time

3. A Dynamic Sales Tool

A website is no longer just a digital business card—stagnant and outdated. With growth-driven design, websites become a dynamic part of the lead generation and sales strategy. Every improvement and update to the site is an opportunity to skyrocket engagement and conversions based on the data collected. In the 2017 State of GDD Survey, "Agencies reported seeing 16.9% more leads and 11.2% more revenue six months after launch when clients use[d] Growth-Driven Design."

Making the Move to the HubSpot CMS

HubSpot takes the pain out of website management and unites marketing, sales, and operations within a singular platform to better understand and connect with customers. When it comes to choosing a CMS, this is why many brands are turning to HubSpot:

  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Personalized to your audience
  • All-in-One tool to grow online

HubSpot CMS helps businesses grow better. Teams work together within a platform which provides them all the data they need to make the best decisions on behalf of their customers.

Businesses don't have the time to deal with clunky websites and prolonged updates. Our digital world is shifting, and if you don't move along with it, you'll get left behind. With new, updated processes come increased revenue and better results. Make the switch to growth-driven design with HubSpot's CMS.

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A HubSpot-Certified agency has the knowledge and experience to ease your transition into an all-encompassing platform. Modern Driven Media is a HubSpot agency partner equipped with the team and tools to keep your foot on the gas. For more information on working with our team, contact us.


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